Enigma Range Coming Soon!

We are delighted to announce our 2016 Enigma Range will soon be available online at Simply Cricket as well as selected Retailers worldwide.


Just to wet the appetite a little check out the product description! Pictures will follow over the coming weeks!

"Some of the most dominant and talented cricketers of all time, have been described as an Enigma, They provide the inspiration behind the new Simply Cricket range.

Our New Enigma range is designed for those who dare to be different, seek to break the shackles and desire to produce moments of pure genius that bring the crowd to their feet.

The SC Enigma is uniquely handcrafted in the UK using the top 5% of English Willow. It features a huge middle, a beautifully balanced pick up and most importantly that PING our bats are renowned for.

Finished with Distinguishing Orange, Silver and Black embossed 3D stickers our Enigma Bat allows players of all levels to execute their personal batting styles with confidence leaving the opposition mystified and broken.


Available in 5 grades

Pro Grade -Top Cuts Of willow, Minimum of 9 Straight Grains, Zero Blemishes on playing area, Large Profile, Pre Knocked in. Limited to 10 Bats each Season!

Grade One - Minimum of 7 straight grains, Zero Blemishes on playing area, Large Profile, Pre knocked in.

Grade Two - 6-7 Grains with a Large Profile

Grade Three - 5-6 Grains with a Large Profile

Kashmir Willow - Great value alternative to Graded English Willow


• Available from 2lb 7oz-2lb 12oz

• Beautiful balance and pick up

• Huge Profile • Ping Tested 15 Times

• Knocked in and Ready to use!

• Custom Made Bats Available (£20 Extra) Email to enquire

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